This agreement regulates the procedure for staying on the site “dearalltime”.com, access to services, the procedure for registration on the site, payment for selected services, building a team; regulates issues of confidentiality and intellectual property rights. By registering on the site, the user (a person who has reached the age of 18 years) fully accepts the terms of this agreement without any reservations as it is stated on the website “dearalltime”.com.

Basic provisions:

To create an account and gain access to the personal service cabinet, you must go through a free registration at “dearalltime”.com.
The subject of this agreement is the voluntary consent to become a Partner of the Internet platform «“dearalltime”.Com». By «“dearalltime”.Com» by the terms of this agreement is meant a site located at http://”dearalltime”.com (the "Site").
The public agreement, as well as additions to the agreement, are official documents and are published on the Site.
The Administration of «“dearalltime”.Com» has the right to change the terms of this agreement and its additions without prior agreement with the Partner, while ensuring the publication of the modified terms on the Site.

Terms and Definitions:

Partner - a person who has reached the age of 18 years, has agreed to the terms of this Agreement, and joined “dearalltime”, in confirmation of what happened, registered on the website “dearalltime”.com
Invitation is the process of informing a person or a group of persons about the possibilities of participating in the affiliate program of the «“dearalltime”.Com», platform, performed by an active partner of the community, as a result of which a new participant (s) is registered.
The Power of the account is a conditional digital value that determines the time rate of profit based on the financial value of the account.
Mentor is a partner, by personal recommendation (invitation) of which a new partner is registered.
Partner structure is a group of participants consisting of team relationships formed in the process of joining new participants to the platform by the invitation of existing partners. The partner structure with respect to each individual partner may be superior and subordinate.
The superior structure of the partner is a sequence of partners who are coaches for each other in different lavels. In this case, the immediate curator (tutor) of this partner is considered his curator and is the first level of the higher partner structure.
The subordinate structure of the partner is a group formed as a result of joining the community of new partners at the personal invitation of the partner, overflows from the superior structure, as well as its first and subsequent lines.
Social capital- used the abbreviation “SC”, means the participation of the individuals whether in form of a social group, complement the economic capitals, leads to the growth of an organization.
Investment- refers to the investment projects of the “dearalltime” all around the world other than the projects determines specifically on the site. These investment projects has no loss for you, but you will gain the profit according to your amount of shares. Note that the profits are not your inalienable right and just as a gift from dearaltime to you as his social capitals.

Rights, duties and responsibilities of the parties

In accordance with these rules, the partner has the right to contact technical support with the appeal, suggestions and complaints related to the site operation, the reporting system and other suggestions or comments via the feedback system or to the support service from a personal cabinet.

Duties of the partner:

Partner is obliged to comply with the provisions of this website, this Regulation shall inform the administration platform of unauthorized access to the personal page and / or unauthorized access and / or use of your password and login partner;
Do not allow other partners to access their own personal page; keep confidential and not provide third parties who have become known to him as a result of communication with other partners and other use of the Site personal data and information about the privacy of other partners and third parties without obtaining appropriate prior permission from the latter; to backup a partner's important information stored on his personal page. Otherwise, dearalltime has no responsibility.

The responsibility of submitting a wrong bank account number on the personal page is on the partner. As a result, the dearaltime accept no duties on.

When using the Site, the Partner is not allowed to:

SPAM on the site in private messages and other correspondence;
Register more than one account in the event that subsequent accounts are affiliate to each other; in this case, the accounts will be deactivate by dearaltime.
Register as a Partner on behalf of or in lieu of another person ("fake account"), while registration on behalf and on behalf of another individual is possible provided that the necessary authority is given in the order and form, provided by the legislation of the partner country;
illegally download, store, publish, distribute and provide access to or otherwise use the intellectual property of «“dearalltime”.Com» and third parties;
use the software and take action to disrupt the normal operation of the Site;
in any way, including but not limited to, by deception, abuse of trust, hacking, trying to access the login and password of another Partner;
carry out illegal: collection and processing of personal data of others;
access (or attempt to access) any of the Services and Intellectual Property Objects «“dearalltime”.Com» in any other way except through the interface provided by dearaltime website, except when such actions directly are allowed to the Partner in accordance with a separate agreement.

Limitation of liability «“dearalltime”.Com»

The «“dearalltime”.Com» site and its services, including all scripts, applications, content and design are delivered "as is". «“dearalltime”.Com» can not guarantee and does not promise any specific results from the use of the Site and / or its services; in order to avoid misunderstandings, the user should observe precautions in downloading from the site or navigating through the links placed on it, and using any files, including software. The site administration strongly recommends using only licensed software, including anti-virus software; using the Site, the Partner agrees that it downloads from the site or with its help any materials at its own risk and is personally responsible for the possible consequences of using the specified materials, including for the damage it may cause to the user's computer or to third parties for loss of data or any other harm.
«“dearalltime”.Com» does not guarantee continuous and continuous access to the site http://”dearalltime”.com/ and its services in the event of technical problems and / or unforeseen circumstances, including: incomplete work or not functioning of Internet providers, information servers, banking and payment systems, as well as illegal actions of third parties. «“dearalltime”.Com» will make every effort to prevent failures, but is not responsible for temporary technical failures and interruptions in the operation of the resource, regardless of the causes of such failures.
The participant fully agrees that «“dearalltime”.Com» can not be held liable for the participant's losses that arose in connection with the unlawful actions of third parties aimed at violating the security system of electronic equipment and databases, or because of the independence of «“dearalltime”.Com» interruptions, suspension or termination of the channels and communication networks used to interact with the participant, as well as illegal or unreasonable actions of payment systems, as well as third parties.
«“dearalltime”.Com» is not liable for losses incurred as a result of using or not using the information about the site «“dearalltime”.Com», and is not liable for damages or other damages participant in connection with his unskilled actions and ignorance of rules for using the site «“dearalltime”.Com» or its errors in calculations.
The participant agrees that he uses “dearalltime”.Com on his own free will and at his own risk. «“dearalltime”.Com» does not give the participant any guarantee that he will benefit or benefit from participation in the system. The degree of participation in the system is determined by the participant.
«“dearalltime”.Com» is not responsible to the participant for the actions of other participants.
In case of disputes and disagreements on the «“dearalltime”.Com», site, the decision of «“dearalltime”.Com» is final and the participant fully agrees with it. All disputes and disagreements arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiations.
«“dearalltime”.Com» and the Participant are released from liability in the event of force majeure circumstances occurring, including but not limited to: natural disasters, wars, fire ( fires), floods, explosions, terrorism, riots, civil unrest, acts of government or regulatory authorities, hacker attacks, absences, non-functioning or failures of energy supply, Internet service providers, communication networks or other systems, networks and services. The party that has such circumstances must, within a reasonable time and in an accessible way, notify the other party about such circumstances.
Under no circumstances will «“dearalltime”.Com» or its representatives be liable to the partner or any third parties for any consequential, incidental, unintentional damage, including lost profits or lost data, damage to the honor , dignity or business reputation caused by the use of the site, the content of the site or other materials that you or others have accessed through the site, even if «“dearalltime”.Com» warned or pointed out the possibility of such harm.

Conditions and procedure for participation in «“dearalltime”.Com»

When registering, the partner must indicate: a valid email, a unique user ID that is also a login for communication, authorization and obtaining of current information about the operation of the Site, the password for access, Name.
The e-mails specified in the Profile, Name, ID in the project, become available to the Mentor - for prompt communication and personal counseling of the partner.
By registering, the Partner agrees to receive notifications from the Site Administration to the e-mail address specified during registration of important changes in the work of «“dearalltime”.Com», changes in the functionality of the Site.
After a free registration on the site, the partner gets the opportunity to participate in the project completely without any attachments. Any investments on the project are exclusively a voluntary desire of the Partner.
Increasing the Account's Power, the Partner understands and agrees that the transfer of the resulting funds to the account's main balance is limited to the presence on his account of Hash Power (a conditional digital value accrued according to the conditions published on the Hash Power page).
Without Hash Power you can not transfer the funds received as a result of increasing the Fund's assets to the account's main balance!

Participation of the Partner in the Bonus Program

Partners of «“dearalltime”.Com» are prohibited from paying, in full or in part, the cost of tariffs for third parties.
Partners of «“dearalltime”.Com» are prohibited from directly and indirectly insulting other project participants (use of literary colloquial words in case of insult or rudeness of project participants).
If the Partner promises to the client "substitution" of people, if he joins his team, then he must fulfill this promise. In this case, the Administration of «“dearalltime”.Com» can act as an intermediary and a controlling body for observing the promise.
Partners of «“dearalltime”.Com» are not allowed to advertise their personal affiliate link using SPAM.br />

Intellectual property terms. Exclusive rights to the database of information products posted on the Site

All objects posted on the WebLider.Net Site, including training materials, video materials, design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, scripts, programs and other objects and their collections further: Content), are objects of exclusive rights «“dearalltime”.Com». All rights to these objects are protected by the current copyright laws.
In addition to the cases provided for by these Rules, as well as the Applicable Law, no Content may be copied (reproduced), reworked, distributed, displayed in a frame, published, downloaded, transmitted, sold or otherwise used in whole or in parts without the prior permission of the copyright owner, unless the copyright holder expressly consented to the free use of the Content by any person.
Any use of the Site or Content, except as allowed in these Rules or in the case of express consent of the copyright holder for such use, without the prior written permission of the copyright holder, is strictly prohibited.

Sites and Third-Party Content

The «“dearalltime”.Com» site contains (or may contain) links to other sites on the Internet (third party sites) as well as articles, photographs, illustrations, graphics, information, programs and other Content that belongs to or originates from third parties (Third-party content).
These third parties and their Content are not verified by the Company for compliance with certain requirements (reliability, completeness, conscientiousness, etc.). «“dearalltime”.Com» is not responsible for any information posted on the websites of third parties to which the Partner accesses through the «“dearalltime”.Com» Web site or through Third Party Content, including, without limitation, any opinions or statements expressed on the websites third parties or in their Content.
The links or manuals on downloading the files and / or installing third-party programs on the Site do not mean support or endorsement of these actions by the Company.
Link to any site, product, service, any information of a commercial or non-commercial nature posted on the Site is not an endorsement or recommendation of these products (services) by the Company.

Content Authors:

The administration of «“dearalltime”.Com» informs that on this resource all published information is taken from open sources. If you notice a violation of your copyrights, write about it in technical support in the personal office of the platform.
In the email, specify:
Documents confirming your rights;
Other information that proves your rights;
Direct links to downloading material that prove your rights to it;
The letter should be sent from the mail domain of the owner of the copyright holder!
Within 48 hours, after checking documents, the author's content will be deleted.

Final provisions

This Agreement shall enter into force for the Partner from the moment of its registration and shall remain in effect for the whole period of cooperation in the part of non-disclosure of confidential information constituting a commercial or other secret.
This Agreement is in Russian and may be submitted to the Partner for review only in Russian. In the event of a discrepancy between the Russian version of the Agreement and the version of the Agreement in a different language, the provisions of the Russian version of this Agreement shall apply

© dearalltime . All rights reserved.