Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

How to have income from my home desk ?
Register on the and enjoy it. But how? It is clear, you are a social capital. We make link between the social and economic capitals to create profit.

How to increase daily income ?
The higher the Power of the account, the greater your daily income. Power can be increased here.

Do I need to be on the site all the time to receive the accruals ?
No. All accruals on the project occur regardless of the status of your PC and Internet connection. But you have to be online to know about the amount of your income and get the free cash, check the website every day; t is up to you without any loss in your income.

How long will the project last ?
For sure, this system is designed to function continuously and with no stop. Any bug will be settle, with no disturb to the income of the partners. The project exists and will exist.

How old should I be to register on the site ?
You have to be at least 18 years old.

Are all the nations allow to register and enjoy the benefits ?
Yes. No matter where you live. You can access the site where ever you are.
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